In this academic research paper, we will be exploring the challenges faced by recently emancipated youth. We chose this topic because of the fact that this is not often spoken about or taught to the general public. This lack of attention to these issues creates hurdles when attempting to solve these sensitive issues. Considering this, we thought it would be a strong choice for further research and review. We explored many obstacles these new adults face. One such issue that we would like to touch on is the unstable housing situation of these recently emancipated individuals. Another prudent example is the issue of healthcare. While some support systems are in place, more should be done in the form of education of these valuable resources available. In layman's terms, foster children have their basic needs covered by the state until the day they turn 18. On their 18th birthday, they are considered adults and can no longer be supported under the foster care system. This is not a system that caters to the success of foster children, this is a system that does the bare minimum. Let's explore how we can do better for foster children and subsequently be better as a society.


Spring 2022


Emancipation, Transitional Housing Programs, Independent Living Programs, Aging Out, Foster Youth, Homelessness, Vulnerable Youth, Foster Care System, Health Care, Mentorship

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