For this project I have looked at the show Jane the Virgin through a critical lens, and analyzed the characters in the show, the stereotypes portrayed about Latino culture, the stereotypes towards bisexuality, how intersectionality is involved, and the Bechdel-Wallace test. Throughout this paper I will examine a few specific characters and look at how stereotypes, of certain kinds, are portrayed, and how others are completely turned on it’s head. I apply terms such as intersectionality, stereotype, and sexuality to the characters and what they go through, throughout the course of the show. I have found that there are a few characters that represent the bi-sexual community, others from the LGBTQIA++ community, and discuss how they are shown positively in the show. I also use a critical cultural lens and look at common stereotypes that are made about the Latino culture, and how this show applies many of them, but also shows characters fighting those stereotypes and proving that not everyone from this culture fits those assumptions.


Fall 2020


Bechdel Test, Communication, Intersectionality, Stereotypes, Gender, Telenovela

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