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[Buffalo Bill's Circus May 15, 1915]

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copy 1: 4x5 in, b & w, photographic negative; copy 1: 8x10 in, b & w, photoprint


Photo label on back reads: Buffalo Bill's Circus May 15, 1915. Mrs. Josephine Peters, now of Hoopa, knew that her father went to the Buffalo Bill Circus in Arcata some time prior to his departure for World War I in 1918. Josephine's father was ___ Grant, who lived at at Grant's on the Salmon River: he, Nelt Salstrom of Orleans, and George Smith "went over the hill on mules and horses" (Notebook XXXVI:131-132).Harry K. Roberts, formerly of Requa, told a story he had heard, which might relate to this circus: When Harry was young, probably before 1920, the grassy area on the road between Requa and Orick now known as "Prairie Creek State Park" was called "Elephant Prairie." This name was gained by the locality because at was here that a traveling circus stopped for the night and it was here that one of their elephants died and was buried. Harry noted that burying an elephant is no small task. William Frederick Cody ("Buffalo Bill") died in 1917. Mrs. Dora (Brumble) Wright, now of Crescent City, notes annual visits of Buffalo Bill, whom the Brumbles had known in North Dakota, to Medford, Oregon, ( Del Norte County Historical Society Bulletin, March 31, 1970, back: also letter of April 3, 1970): Buffalo Bill came there with his circus. #75 through #77, #80, #103 and #104 all are on the same .03 cm. thick photo paper, in the same 5.98 by 8.59 cm. size, with a 5.19 by 7.77 cm. print on them, labelled in the same hand and ink, showing circular shots in each corner and oil stains at the edges. One may assume that they were originally part of a single roll of film taken in the first half of 1915. Photographer may be Naomi Bailey Schoenrock. See #80.


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Autos; People; Animals