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Leadership, It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Bruce A. Triplett

Leadership is something that is discussed in all facets of life. Specifically in sports, leadership is something that coaches view as an integral part of a team’s success. Although leadership is a crucial component to a team’s success, many high schools do not provide a leadership development program for their athletes. This project was developed to be an introductory leadership course for high school athletes. The curriculum is set up to work around the busy schedules of teachers, athletes, and coaches. The lessons are put together to give the athletes a foundation of leadership, as well as some practical experience throughout. The curriculum can be supplemented to an existing class or be a stand-alone class. If we are expecting our athletes to be leaders, then it is important to give them the skills necessary to succeed. Experience is said to be one of the most important teachers, including the development of leadership. High School sports have the potential to provide this hands-on training opportunity to millions of athletes. Developing leadership skills should be more of a priority in athletics, especially with the prevailing belief that everyone has the ability to learn how to lead.

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