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In this rural northern Californian county, there are four federally recognized tribes, as well as additional non-federally recognized tribes. This county is home to a single encompassing agency that assists those in need of domestic violence services. Indigenous people seeking services have little choice, therefore it is paramount that providers incorporate concepts such as historical trauma and assist those in need with culturally relevant and sensitive services.

A needs assessment was conducted, which was comprised of two distinct parts. The first, was a case study to collect and analyze data from a focus group assembled of Native American women, who have had experiences with domestic violence services within this county. The intent of the focus group was to discern the users’ perspective of services, or why they may not have had sought out services in relation with the users’ cultural identity. Secondly, a survey of local professionals experienced with the Native American community, was conducted seeking individuals’ perspectives. This pertained to culturally sensitive treatments for Native American women.

Based on the findings of the research, it was expressed by participants that additional services are needed in the areas of advocacy, outreach education, counseling, and inclusions of the Native American community and healing practices representative of their culture. A written report, with recommendations derived from information from focus group and surveys, was shared with local domestic violence services, Native American agencies, and tribes.

It is imperative for professionals to hear the voices of the population they intend to serve to create the most effective positive changes. With suggestions, outlined in this written report, the services of these agencies could further benefit the Native American community with regards to domestic violence services.

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