The International Journal of Ecopsychology (IJE)

The International Journal of Ecopsychology (IJE) is an evidence-based publishing venue for interdisciplinary and field-specific approaches termed “ecopsychological.” IJE publishes theory, research, and application articles on human-natural spaces affiliatory interactions/dynamics—nature estrangement and/or alienation. Both terms, “eco” and “psychology,” are critically approached, scientifically emphasized and equally regarded. IJE welcomes diverse evidence-based and critical thinking perspectives from academics and researchers around the world. A previous and more modest circulation, "Amaranda," first published in 2007, under the auspices of what was then, the European Ecopsychology Society (EES), became the seed idea for IJE with a new mission: to, in a deconstructive and critical thinking manner, curate and publish original work that aims at readdressing the oftentimes all-too-worn terms "self," "nature," "nature connection," and "society."

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Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2022) Foundations (I)

Editorial Notes 4 (1)

Our call for papers and requests for this “Foundations” (I) issue was met with a wide range of submissions necessitating at least two volumes. In this issue, we highlight the empirical work of Dr. Daniela Boero on the question of evolutionary preferences to naturally occurring sounds, their incorporation into musical scores, and effects on emotions. The other two works focus on basic interpretations of the “foundations” of food and our relationship to eating in various cultural settings – a look at the ontology of eating and nourishment. We look forward to additional submissions (empirical and theoretical works, essays) for our next volume and installment of “foundations” for our late summer/early fall issue. We are grateful to all who contributed.



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