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Trinity Associates


The purpose of this task is to create a region-wide geospatial GIS database of sea level rise vulnerability statistics/findings from these assessments to facilitate prioritizing hydrologic units and/or assets for adaption planning for the six hydrologic/hydrographic units on Humboldt Bay. These six hydrologic units (Mad River Slough, Arcata Bay, Eureka Slough, Eureka Bay, Elk River Slough and South Bay) each share a common shoreline and exposure to tidal inundation. In addition to the six hydrologic units there are 24 hydrologic sub-units with shorelines consisting of diked structures. The hydrologic units encompass a tidal inundation footprint for 2.0 meters (6.6 feet) of sea level rise while the sub-units encompass just 1.0 meter of sea level rise (the sub-units begin to merge with increasing levels of sea level rise) (Figure 1), and include three local coastal program jurisdictions.