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copy 1: 4x5 in, b & w, photographic negative; copy 1: 8x10 in, b & w, photoprint


LYMAN BACON: According to the 1869 Great Register, of Klamath County, California, Lyman Bacon was a native of the United States, possibly Indiana and born in the year 1826. He came to California in 1855 and two years later took up residence at Orleans Bar where he followed butchering. On August 10, 1866 the Klamath County Board of Supervisors appointed him the Superintendent of the Indigent Sick with authority to determine who are end to the benefits of the Indigent Sick Fund; to provide suitable places and proper treatment of the sick. He held that position one year. The assessment roll of Klamath County for 1859 showed him owning two acres of improved land on Camp Creek and 7/16 interests in a mining ditch. In September 1904 he took a trip to the World's Fair at St. Louis and also to visit a sister in Indiana whom he had not seen for 49 years. He had married a full blood Indian named Fannie at Orleans and they had one daughter who passed away many years before they did. She died in Orleans February 8, 1927 and had been a familiar figure in Orleans for over ninety years. She was buried in the Orleans Cemetery. In her death notice it stated her husband Lyman Bacon had preceded her death by about 12 years. Cropped version of image in The Hover of Karuk Baskets, p.34