Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

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Gay Marriage Legal: What Now?


Liza Olmedo

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The zine discusses various issues revolving the LGBTQ community that go beyond the marriage equality narrative. Although not all issues were discussed, it gives the reader a sense of what other issues the LGBTQ community is facing. It is a monumental achievement to be granted the same rights to marry as our heterosexual counterparts, since there are benefits to being married. However, not every queer person wants to be married. As queer people we have to take a step back and be critical of the institution of marriage. The large Marriage Equality narrative, in my opinion, says to non-queers “Hey we want to be married too! We’re not so different from you! We want to be like you too!” but to be queer is to be odd and strange. To be queer is resistance. Resistance against normality, heterosexuality and conventional norms. Within the zine you will find pictures, opinions, rants, critiques, and a poem in regards to the issues that go beyond gay marriage. - Liza Olmedo

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