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Summer 2017

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Applied Anthropology

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Dr. Mary Scoggin

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Dr Fred Krissman

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Dr. Llyn Smith

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This thesis is based on work undertaken in the province of Ifugao located in the northern region of the Philippines islands. I examined how community members in Kiangan Ifugao utilize tourism to revive and preserve their traditions as a social movement and protest against the ethnic tourism industry in Banaue Ifugao. I also investigated the false representations of indigenous people in the ethnic tourism industry. This research consists of interviews, focus groups and the analysis of over 40 ethnic tourism ads.

Social movements of grassroots organizations among indigenous populations of various regions of the world may attempt to counter legacies of colonial racism and continuing culture exploitation, which are significant aspects of the contemporary ethnic tourism industry. The goal of this thesis is to raise consciousness about the colonial legacy of ethnic tourism and how it tends to frame indigenous people into romantic historical stereotypes. The era of enslavement and oppression is being carried forward into an era of commercial exploitation by some in the tourism industry. By raising the consciousness of those who travel, this author hopes to encourage tourists to seek ethical methods to learn about other cultures in ways that are respectful and empowering.

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