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Summer 2021

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Psychology, option Academic Research

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Dr. Christopher Walmsley

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Carrie Moses

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The interest in acceptance and commitment training (ACT) from within the applied behavior analysis (ABA) community has increased as evidenced by recently published literature addressing the need to examine the acceptability and utilization of ACT within ABA. However, there is limited literature on the perspectives of those working in the field of ABA on the use of ACT. In the present study a survey was conducted of ABA practitioners working in rural northern California to evaluate their level of interest in ACT, their perceptions of ACT being within the scope of practice of ABA, and any perceived challenges in developing their own personal scope of competence in the use of ACT. The results of the survey found that a majority of respondents were interested in research articles and continuing education courses on ACT and indicated a high level of acceptability of ACT as an intervention that is within the scope of practice of ABA. However, when asked about their confidence level in knowledge of ACT procedures and strategies or their confident level in treatment success when incorporating ACT, most reported that their confident level was neither high nor low. Further, a majority of respondents reported that lack of mentorship and training as the main barrier to development of their own personal scope of competence in using ACT in applied settings. Recommendations and suggestions for future research on addressing these barriers to developing one’s scope of competence in ACT are discussed.

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