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Introduction: Ankle sprains are one of the more common injuries in an athletic population. Postural control training can be used in prevention and rehabilitation for ankle sprains. When used preventively postural control training can decrease the risk of sustaining an ankle sprain by 38% (McGuine & Keene, 2006). There are a variety of postural control training programs all emphasizing different aspects of postural control, such as eyes closed, or eyes open situations. Training protocols with either eyes closed or eyes open have been shown to improve both static and dynamic postural control (Zech et al., 2010). The purpose of this study is to determine if training postural control with eyes-closed has the same effect on postural control improvement as training postural control with eyes-open.

Methods: Out of season collegiate athletes will undergo a 3 day per week postural control training program for 6 weeks. The participants were be split into two groups, one group did the entire training program with their eyes-closed and the other had their eyes-open. Static and dynamic postural control were measured using the mCTSIB and Limits of Stability tests, on the Biodex Balance System before and after the training program.

Results: Neither the eyes-closed or eyes open group significantly improved static or dynamic postural control (p > .05) after a 6-week postural control training program. There was no significant difference between individuals that trained with their eyes-closed or eyes-open (p> .05).

Conclusion: The results of our study indicate that neither eyes open nor eyes closed postural control training improves postural control over a 9 session/ 6-week training period.

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