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Master of Arts degree with a major in Psychology, option Academic Research

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Dr. Maria I. Iturbide

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The current study examined the role of ethnic identity and stress appraisal as buffers of the relationship between acculturative stress and wellbeing in a national sample of Armenian American adults between eighteen and thirty-nine years old (N = 159; 62.89% women, 32.08% men; mean age = 25.59, SD = 5.30). Acculturative stress positively correlated with depressive symptoms, and negatively with self-esteem and positive stress appraisal. Stronger ethnic identity affirmation and belonging was related to less depressive symptoms, more positive stress appraisal, and greater self-esteem and life satisfaction. In hierarchical linear regression analyses, acculturative stress significantly predicted more depressive symptoms, though it was not predictive of self-esteem or life satisfaction. Two-way interaction effects were not detected between acculturative stress and either intervening variable (i.e., ethnic identity or stress appraisal). Furthermore, the two-way interaction between ethnic identity and stress appraisal did not significantly predict the link between acculturative stress and wellbeing, nor was the three-way interaction between the predictor and the intervening variables. The discussion reviews sociocultural characteristics of the study sample and the population as a whole that may have contributed to these results. Future directions for examining the cultural experiences of Armenian Americans prioritize the collection of representative samples and validation of measures for use in this population.

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