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The goal of this study was to examine 1) the overall perception of the nursing education system in Nepal, 2) identify opinions that examine the degree to which nursing education in Nepal meets the needs of nursing as a profession, and 3) identify opinions that examine if the standards of the nursing education in Nepal meet international standards. The broader goal was to develop and provide a body of information that governmental agencies and administrators could utilize to strategically plan for the future of nursing education in Nepal.

The purpose of this mixed method (quantitative and qualitative) study is to investigate the perception and opinions of healthcare providers in Nepal of the nursing education in Nepal. Through the use of quantitative and qualitative methods data was collected to provide in depth analysis of the perception of the education provided for nursing students in Nepal; if nurses perceive themselves as a profession; if nurses considered themselves to be members of the larger global health care community; and how nursing is perceived by nurses and other members of health community and society. Focus groups were conducted of nursing staff at three hospitals located in Kathmandu. Using phenomenological methods five nurses at each hospital participated in the focus groups. Focus groups composed of participants verified the accuracy of the focus of this research.

Focus groups provide informational data obtained in an interactive and natural environment where the attitudes, perceptions, experiences and feelings of the participants can be revealed. Focus groups were followed by surveys that were conducted at three different hospitals and included twenty nurses at each hospital. Surveys took approximately thirty minutes to complete. Quantitative data provided breadth to the research data and was acquired using surveys that were conducted at scheduled staff lunch meetings. Finally, three physicians and three nursing supervisors at three different hospitals were interviewed. Three nursing faculty at three nursing campuses were also interviewed.

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