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Conditions seen within physical therapy settings overlap with reasons that patients seek marijuana. For this reason, information about these professionals’ outlooks on patients’ marijuana use in prime. Purpose: Gain current views and experiences of physical therapists (PTs)/physical therapist assistants (PTAs) on their patients’ use of marijuana in the physical therapy field. Methods: PTs/PTAs were invited to complete an anonymous survey asking relative PT/PTA views, experiences, and understanding of patients’ marijuana use. Results: PTs/PTAs who have had experience (did not have experience) with patients who use marijuana received information about marijuana from news media - 61% (60%), patients - 68% (15%), and friends & family - 47% (35%). 72.17 percent reported having experience working with patients who use marijuana. PTs/PTAs agreed that: marijuana has health benefits for people who suffer from chronic debilitating conditions, there needs to be more research on the role of marijuana in physical therapy, and training should be incorporated into PT curriculum. Discussion: PTs/PTAs were likely to receive information about marijuana through news and their patients; not peer-reviewed publications. PTs/PTAs who had experiences working with patients who use marijuana could benefit from more in-depth conversations with patients about their marijuana usage. PTs/PTAs are aware of patients’ marijuana usage and support acquiring more knowledge of marijuana through further research, education, and conversations. Conclusion: Because PTs/PTAs have already begun working with patients who use marijuana, it is vital that more research into the effects of marijuana is conducted and peer-reviewed information be made available for practicing PTs/PTAs and students.

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