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Fall 2019

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Education

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John Y. Lee

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It is projected that by 2050, Latinos in the United States, who are a minority, will move to become a majority. With an increasing influx of Native Spanish speaking students in our schools, it is more than likely these students will take some type of Spanish class in their high school career. For many native Speakers, Spanish is their dominant the language, but the mechanics behind the language are unknown to them. In this paper, I review the literature on the history of Spanish language classes in the United States, and discuss how project-based learning (PBL) in the Spanish language classroom can lead to enriched Spanish skills for native Spanish speaking students. In this study, over a period of two weeks, I conducted two distinct lessons in my Spanish for Native Speakers Level II class on written accent marks. Each week, students were taught a week long lesson, either the traditional pedagogy, which consisted of worksheets, or the project based learning (PBL) pedagogy, which consisted of learning by doing and creating. I compared the two groups’ knowledge of regular (week 1) and irregular (week 2) accent marks using pre- and posttests. The results only partially supported my hypothesis that native Spanish speakers learn accents better using the PBL method than ‘traditional’ methods. I discuss the reasons for the mixed findings, steps to improve the unit, and the study.

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