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Spring 2019

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Education

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Dr. Eric Van Duzer

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Dr. Tom Cook

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This thesis project details a mentoring model developed for the Hoopa Valley Tribe to improve the academic performance of Native American students. The subject of academic performance of Native American students encompasses many issues and barriers. While the barriers are many, the Hoopa Tribal Learning Center could not examinate all of the barriers, therefore a mentoring program was designed to help students navigate through the barriers by providing culturally appropriate, structured mentoring support. The Hoopa Mentoring Program was based on current mentoring research and the historical methodology of the traditional education model of the Hupa people. The program has shown some remarkable improvements in the academic performance of its students. This thesis features some preliminary data of student performance before and after the academic intervention through the mentoring program. Finally, this project explores each of the program elements and details a step by step process to include all key stakeholders, identify at-risk students, get student buy-in, provide structured support by developing individualized education plans, continued accountability, adaptability, recognition, and ongoing mentoring support.

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