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Individuals with developmental disabilities should be engaged in 150 minutes of physical activity every week to experience health benefits including an increase in duration and quality of sleep. Individuals with developmental disabilities who get quality, regular sleep have a lower frequency of challenging behaviors. One way to increase physical activity engagement among individuals with disabilities is to engage their family in physical activity together. To analyze the effects of engaging in a family centered physical activity program on the duration and quality of sleep in a young adult with Down syndrome. Method: The participant engaged in the Humboldt State Fitfam Program which was an eight week family-centered physical activity program consisting of a one week in-person, educational component and seven weeks of independent physical activity where parents reported amount and type of physical activity as well as duration and quality of sleep on a weekly basis. Graphical depictions indicate thatthere was an inverse relationship between MVPA and hours of sleep. Discussion: The findings from this case study were similar to findings from other studies that showed a decrease in sleep duration following increased physical activity levels. However a majority of research on the connection between physical activity and sleep contradicts the current findings.

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