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Background: Many athletes of various sports have been required to wear ankle braces for prophylactic uses. Ankle braces have been shown to decrease range of motion in all directions, which means the main force absorption mechanism of the ankle may be inhibited. This decrease in force absorption at the ankle may increase the mechanical demands at the more proximal knee and hip joints. In this study, the change in knee, hip and lower back mechanics will be investigated to gain understanding as to whether bracing the ankle could create a higher injury potential. Methods: In this study, 12 intercollegiate basketball players (6 female, 6 male) participated during one session, in which each subject tested for each taping condition (self-adherent, adhesive cloth, and no tape). For each trial, the participants performed three maximum vertical jump trials and three depth drop trials, a 15-minute bout of exercise, and subsequently three more maximum vertical jumps and three more depth drops. The participants’ lower body kinematics and kinetics were measured using 3D motion capture and force plates. Results: Analysis of ankle bracing pre- and post-exercise on lower extremity kinematics and kinetics through a two-way MANOVA yielded results that were not significant for any of the variables, including their interaction effect. There was no effect of the three different types of ankle bracing (control, adhesive, and self-adhesive), exercise (pre-and post-), or the interaction of those variables on peak hip flexion, peak knee flexion, peak knee moment, peak hip moment, and peak lumbosacral moment. Conclusion: Ankle bracing had no effect on selected lower body kinematics and kinetics. More research should be done to better understand whether ankle bracing has the potential to increase injury at other joints.

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