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Creator’s Bio Casey Hague is an employe for the Bureau of Land Management who is currently stationed at the Somoa Dunes here in Humboldt County California. He was born in Crescent City and grew up down in Napa. He has spent three years serving our Country in the United Stated Coast Guard over in Long Island New York. After his service he had returned to Humboldt County to begin his career with the Bureau of Land Management where he has worked for around 20 years.


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Interview Abstract This is an Interview where I am investigating the effects of how the COVID-19 Virus has impacted the Bureau of Land Management at the Samoa Dunes in Humboldt County California through the lens the Outdoor Recreation Industry. In this account I have interviewed Casey Hague who is an employee for the Bureau of Land Management at the Samoa Dunes. His story gives a detailed explanation of how this particular Industry has been effected from the COVID-19 Pandemic in the terms of how things have changed and what is to come for future generations in the eyes of the Outdoor Recreation Industry.