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My name is Michelle Stone. I'm an art history major here at Humboldt State University. I'm from Los Angeles and have been living in Arcata the last four years while attending HSU. As part of my intern work with Art 482, I interviewed Megan Atherton for her viewpoint on covid and how that has affected her personally and professionally. Megan Atherton is a lecturer of art studio classes at Humboldt State University.




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This interview took place over Zoom and covers Megan Atherton's personal interest in art, her history as an art studio instructor and how she ended up becoming an instructor at Humboldt State University. We discussed the current artworks that she has been pursuing during the covid quarantine. We specifically discussed the differences between when her classes were in-person to the shift of her classes being totally virtual, and how she and the rest of the art department at HSU have handled this shift. Finally, we talked about her own personal views on the pandemic and what long lasting effects that could have on educational institutions, like HSU.


I completed this interview and transcript as a part of my internship through Art 482. I was specifically interested in learning more about how the pandemic has affected artists and artists who teach art in college-level courses.