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Rebecca Miller is a student at Humboldt State University and majored in Anthropology. Ciara Emery is a board member at the Humboldt Library Foundation.




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This is an interview with Ciara Emery who sits on the board of directors at the Humboldt Library Foundation. This interview asked how the Humboldt Library Foundation has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, why libraries are important pillars of community, and how Humboldt County has come together during this time. Emery describes different programs that the Humboldt Library Foundation has implemented to help local libraries as well as how she has seen the community response to the pandemic through both the foundation and her own job in local politics. Emery also offers some advice for graduating students entering the workforce during this time.

Locations: Humboldt County, Arcata, Eureka

Keywords: Library, online services, social media, non-profit, fundraising, community, federal grants, local businesses, essential workers, incoming workforce