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My name is Zachary Ruybal and I am a Senior at Humboldt State University, majoring in Criminology and minoring in Environmental Policy. I live in Eureka, and have lived here for about 3 months, but have lived in Humboldt County since January 2020. I conducted an oral history, and the interviewee is Levi Malekos, who is my roommate and student at College of the Redwoods. He has been in Humboldt County since January 2020 as well, and is a Technical Theatre major. He also works in the food industry, and therefore has had lots of experience with the impacts that COVID-19 has brought forth.


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This oral history is an interview that includes questions about how COVID-19 has impacted community members in Humboldt County, in this specific oral history, how its impacted Levi Malekos. I learned about what his day to day life was is like, as well as what he'd like people in the future to know about this pandemic time. It includes what COVID-19 has brought upon society, how it can be seen as an opportunity, and the hardships that it has created. This oral history gives us a good look at how both food industry workers and college students have been affected by this pandemic, and how Levi see's the world in the future after this pandemic passes.

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Written Release Form - Levi Malekos