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My name is Zachary Ruybal and I am a Senior at Humboldt State University, majoring in Criminology and minoring in Environmental Policy. I live in Eureka, and have lived here for about 3 months, but have lived in Humboldt County since January 2020. I conducted an oral history, and the interviewee is Kimberly Ruybal, who is a Medical Assistant at Providence St. Josephs Hospital. She has been in Humboldt County since December of 2020, and is a Sacramento State Graduate in Child Development major. Since she works in the healthcare industry, she has had lots of firsthand experience with the impacts that COVID-19 has brought forth on both her and the local community members.


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This oral history is an interview that includes questions about how COVID-19 has impacted community members in Humboldt County, in this specific oral history, how its impacted Kimberly Ruybal. I learned about what her day to day life is like, as well as what she'd like people in the future to know about this pandemic time. It includes what COVID-19 has brought upon society, how it can be seen as an opportunity, and the hardships that it has created. This oral history gives us a good look at how healthcare workers, specifically medical assistants, have been affected by this pandemic, and how Kimberly see's the world in the future after this pandemic passes.

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Written Release Form - Kimberly Ruybal