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Alexandria Holen and Martin Moreno interviewed Abby Miller. They all are students within the kinesiology department. Abby Miller is the President of the Pre-PT club at Humboldt State University during COVID, so they discussed how life is being a student and organizing a club, and what it is like now.




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This is the transcript of the interview that Alexandria Holen and Martin Moreno had with Abby Miller on December 7th, 2020. Abby Miller is the President of the Pre-Pt club at Humboldt, so the interviewed involved a student's view and a club organization. Within the interview, Miller discussing how this pandemic has been a challenge but was bale to find some benefits as well. She told how the club was doing and what a club looks like now during COVID. Abby talks us through what her day looked like before and after COVID. The feelings of other students is brought up and how professor seem to doing from a student's view.


We have the audio of the interview, but just due to time we weren't able to edit out the some stuff she wants to remain anonymous and the transcript is anonymous. So if you do want it and are able to edit some parts out, we would be more than happy to email it to someone.