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My name's Malia, I'm 25 in January, and I'm an Environmental Science major in Planning and Policy at HSU. I graduate this semester! I'm from Los Angeles and have been living in Humboldt County for 7 years now. I cook, sing, and write in my free time. This project has been amazing and I've felt so honored to be apart of the process.




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I have submitted 6 recorded interviews to the archive, and this is the written component. It's a both reflection and breakdown of what was said during the interviews. Interviews were conducted with Jennifer Tarlton (professor with the environmental science department), Yvonne Everett (professor with the environmental science department), Emily Ortzow (Environmental Science major), Greta Wassersleben (Environmental Science major), Tara Caso (former student at HSU, pursuing PhD in Cellular Molecular Biology at UC Davis), and Brianna King (former student at HSU, Biological Anthropology major, currently working in her field). They were individual interviews, during which we reflected on the impacts of COVID on our lives, schooling, and fields of work/careers.