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"In April the Humboldt Crabs announced that, after a baseball-less year, there will be a 2021 season and that fans will again be welcome to the Arcata Ball Park (with extra COVID safety precautions in place, of course.) Well baseball lovers, opening night — Friday, June 4 — is now nearly upon us. Play ball!

On this week’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up, president of the Crabs David Sharp tells the Outpost all about what changes to expect this season when it comes to reserving tickets, regulating crowd size and purchasing refreshments. One thing Sharp promises won’t be different: the team is still strong and will be kicking some serious butt!

Other topics discussed with Sharp include:

  • The beloved Crabgrass Band, when it’ll be at games and some of Sharp’s favorite tunes
  • How COVID impacted the Crabs financially, effected the players and visiting teams
  • Sharp’s journey from Crabs fan, to player (1999-2002), to board member
  • How the Crabs have never had a losing season in 75 years
  • Heckling! It’s important (but keep it clean)
  • The BYOB days and why the park now sells beer instead
  • More!

So, get yourself excited for the return of the Crabs by clicking the audio player above, or directing your phone to iTunes, to hear Sharp’s chat with Andrew Goff and Stephanie McGeary."