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Honor the Precariat

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Natalie Barnes is the Key Academic Advisor and an Instructor holding a Senior Teaching Appointment in the Department of Art & Art History. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Boise State University and has been teaching at the university level for more than 20 years. In addition to her studio practice her professional academic interest focuses on writing-integration. Ms. Barnes is active in faculty governance, currently serving on the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Adjunct Faculty Committee and represents the CLA on the University Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty. She has received the Jack E. Cermack Advising Award, is a writing fellow for The Institute of Learning and Teaching, has been awarded a course-redesign grant for ART100. She is a NTTF director for the Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL) at CSU.


Honor the Precariat is an art installation conceived and executed to acknowledge and honor the significant contributions of non-tenure track faculty, particularly those colleagues teaching at Colorado State University. The exhibition and accompanying article recognize faculty who work in anonymity and often without security, teaching, advising, and mentoring hundreds of students and representing millions of dollars in tuition revenue.

The essence of the artwork captures the 20+ year struggle of the artist to come to terms with the value of a career in which she has been viewed as a second-class faculty member – and this dichotomy facing all members of what has become new faculty majority. This artwork intends to recognize the value of the artist’s own work and that of other highly treasured colleagues.

Elements of the installation were constructed from published employment and anecdotal data envisioned in a graphic, visual format.



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