Submission Guidelines for Humboldt State University Press

Proposal Process

Proposals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Proposals must include:

  • Manuscript title
  • Contact information
  • Type/genre of the publication
  • Cover letter (see below for details)
  • Introduction/abstract (no more than 300 words)
  • Publication history (if pertinent)
  • Entire text OR chapter outline and sample text
  • Author(s) C.V. or resume
  • Estimated timeline for manuscript completion (if pertinent)

Proposal cover letters should address the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the text?
  • Who are your target audience(s)?
  • How will the text be useful to its audience(s)?
  • What is the value and impact of the text?
  • Is the text distinct in the marketplace? What publications are similar?
  • How does the text fit the mission, vision, and model of Humboldt State University Press?
  • Will the text require peer-review, copy editing, layout, indexing, or cover design?
  • Will the text include third-party copyrighted materials? How will these be cleared?
  • How can you assist with marketing?
  • Will the publication support a sustainable open-access publishing model? If yes, how? Examples include endowing a library scholar intern ($500 per intern/semester), earmarking royalties to support HSU Press, providing resource support, etc.
  • Evaluation Criteria

    The review board will use these criteria to determine the project’s publication readiness and appropriateness for the press.

    • Quality of the writing, photographs (400dpi minimum), illustrations, argument, narrative, and/or organization
    • Support of the mission of Humboldt State University Press
    • Overall usefulness, value, and impact
    • Uniqueness in the marketplace
    • Cost of publication, including resources for formatting, peer-review, copy editing, cover design, copyright clearance, indexing, and marketing
    • Funding in support of the publication and press